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We are a young and passionate team, dedicated to bringing good health to our community. We are open every day, delivering better health to you 365 days a year! 


Some of our areas of specialty include nutrition, especially specialist dietary requirements such as veganism, keto and diabetes, weight loss/weight gain, digestion and gut health, travel health and more. We also have a big interest in eco and sustainable living with a big zero waste section in our store and lots of easy household sustainable swaps you can make to start your zero waste journey. Come and speak with one of our super friendly pharmacists, who would love to help you get back to looking, feeling and being healthier, sooner! 



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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

6am - 8pm

Weekends, Public Holidays

9am - 6pm

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Contact Us


Busy Bee Pharmacy

223 William St Northbridge WA 6003

Ph 08 9328 7885 | F 08 9328 8505 | M 0423 430 259



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