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How can we help you today?

At Busy Bee Pharmacy, we have your health needs covered.
Below are just some of the things we do.
Pharmacist Consult


A pharmacist consultation offers a one-on-one opportunity to discuss your health needs with your Pharmacist. Pharmacists are specially trained to deal with a wide range of health issues and can help customise a personal management plan to best resolve any problems that you may be facing.


These consultations are provided free-of-charge however appointments may be necessary. 


Diabetes Support

​Newly diagnosed with diabetes? It can be a little daunting and confusing to shift through the vast amounts of literature out there!


Managing diabetes carefully can ensure stable blood glucose readings which can minimise the risk for serious long term complications such as eye and kidney damage, cardiovascular disease, skin and gum disease. 


We are also an agent for NDSS. Come talk to us about government subsidised needles and test strips. 

Weight Management

Want to shift that couple of kilos that have been building up over winter? Feeling tired and lethargic? Fad diets not working for you? 


Whether you want to shape up or slim down, come talk to an expert on how to get you there! 

Medical Certificates

Our pharmacists can provide you with medical certificates for absence from school or work. Ask in-store for further details. Fees apply. 

Addictions Specialists


Addictions are a sensitive topic but can have disastrous ripple effects on lives and relationships if not treated. Our pharmacists are specially trained in this field. Whether the issue may be to do with licit or illicit drugs, our pharmacy has a no-judgement policy. All cases are handled with utmost privacy and confidentiality. 


If you know someone who may be losing control of their medication, please come talk to us before it is too late. 

Scripts on File

Always losing your keys? Your prescription is probably already lost too! 


Leave your scripts with us for safe-keeping. Text us to get it ready for collection! Easy!

Travel Health

Going somewhere exotic? Avoid bringing something exotic home by talking to one of our pharmacists before you go! 


We have all the things you need to get you travel ready including a huge range of travel sized toiletries and travel accessories. 


Is your passport up-to-date? Get a new passport photo taken with us! 

Crutch & Wheelchair Hire

Crutches or wheelchairs can be hired daily or weekly. Deposits do apply, but these are refunded on return of equipment. Ask in-store for further details. 

Complete Health Check

Take control of you health by coming in for a complete health check. For a just $35, the complete health check comprises of a check on your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose levels, BMI and a personal lifestyle management plan to help you improve your health. 


Appointments necessary. 

Webster Packing

​Mistakes with medicines can be very dangerous and lead to many hundreds of hospitalisations every year. 


​Websters are a dose administration aid where medications are split into blisters for different times of the day. They are hand-packed by pharmacists to ensure that your medicines are taken correctly, at the right quantity, at the right time. These are especially important where there are multiple medicines to be taken at different times of the day. 


Western Union

Have a loved one stuck somewhere on the other side of the world with no money? Need to transfer some money to some overseas relatives in strife quickly and hassle-free?


As a Western Union agent, we are able to transfer your money instantly to thousands of locations all around in the world.


Medication & Sharps Disposal

​Make your home a safer place by letting us take care of your unwanted or expired medicines and used sharps. Sharps are to be sealed tightly in an airtight container prior to handing them over to our staff. 

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